About Us and Our Mission

nra certified instructor_logoWe view it our mission in life to prepare and to educate our community regarding home and personal security measures. To teach them to use and to carry a loaded handgun on their person, lawfully, confidently, safely, responsibly and professionally. And, if necessary, to use deadly force in self-defense within the law. Our students’ are taught gun history, safe gun storage, ammunition safety, holsters, cleaning and maintenance, and presentation and NC Concealed Handgun Carry Law.

Our students learn hands on and through state of the art presentations, and live scenarios, designed to engage their thought process and to answer their primary question—when can I lawfully draw my handgun and use it?  Finally, we teach our students to minimize their potential of becoming victims of criminal assault through personal awareness and firearms training. We train our clients to carry concealed handguns for their personal protection, the protection of their loved ones, and to handle them safely and professionally.

We are both involved in the shooting sports and compete regularly in the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) and the Zombie Shooters of America (ZSA) to hone and maintain our shooting and gun handling skills.

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Robert R. Ferris
Retired United States Marine Officer
Certified NRA Instructor

David R. Short
Retired United States Air Force Officer
Certified NRA Instructor